Market Research

Companies are in constant competition. Products and services are constantly adapted to the development of market potentials and trends.
Detailed information about markets, customers and products are an important basis for strategic marketing and management.

This database supplies market research with systematic collection of information, analysis and interpretation.

Market research can serve many purposes:

  • Information: Market research supplies information which is used to make well-founded marketing decisions.
  • Ideas: By providing detailed information market research allows promising marketing ideas and new trends to be discovered.
  • Diagnosis: Market research analyses the current situation objectively and allows the right methods and strategies to be applied.
  • Cause study: Market research not only examines the current situation, but is also able to identify causes and connections.
  • Optimisation: During the development of new products and services an optimal alignment of the innovation process can be achieved on the market using innovation market research. Existing products can be improved with new findings about the market.
  • Performance review: Market research can determine whether the strategies and instruments achieve the desired success or whether and how they can be improved.

Depending on suitability a company’s own information is compiled or existing data is used. In the collection of data Emergent Actio offers the standard range of classic methods [»] within the industry. Furthermore, Emergent Actio is specialised in the implementation of online surveys [»] as well as computer assisted personal interviews [»].

During evaluation [»] Emergent Actio works at a high scientific level. In addition to simple, descriptive processes data can be analysed using bi- and multivariate methods. This makes it possible to gain new knowledge from existing database material.