Evaluation methods

In addition to appropriate design and professional implementation the optimal evaluation of data is crucial for the success of a project. Based on your questions Emergent Actio uses evaluation techniques which guarantee a maximum insight as well as a good comprehensibility and practical applicability.  Your data is analysed, interpreted and the results presented clearly.

Emergent Actio has an extensive range of methods available. This starts with descriptive evaluations, e.g. which reflect the distribution of answers in absolute numbers, percentages or average values. Furthermore, knowledge can be acquired with bi- and multivariate methods, which are not apparent at first glance. Bivariate methods examine the correlations between two answers or variables. An example of this would be the examination of correlations between price and sales, Finally multivariate methods are available to examine the mutual relationships between more than two variables. For example, based on many different answers regarding product requirements and wishes, uniform target groups can be identified and characterised.

In addition, there are many other application possibilities which we will be happy to inform you about.