Paper/pencil inquiries

As the number of computer-assisted or internet-based inquiries rises, the significance of paper questionnaires has clearly declined. Nevertheless today there are still combinations, in which paper/pencil inquiries present the most precise or most efficient method. This can be for situations where due to the address or recruitment of subjects other collection techniques are not considered. On the other hand, paper/pencil inquiries represent the only method for specific research topics, to gain distortion-free results.

Paper questionnaires are often used as an addition within a mix of survey methods [»] to counter distortions.

Emergent Actio reviews how an inquiry can be conducted reliably and efficiently for every project. Where computer-assisted methods are not appropriate, it is possible to refer to tested, classic inquiry methods such as written questionnaires. These can be mailed or distributed in printed form. Fax reply and other options are considered in addition to mailing. For large samples, electronic processing of answer sheets is possible via scanning.