Personal interviews

Personal interviews are a research instrument for specific goals and target groups. Particularly in the area of qualitative research [»] personal interviews are applied, but quantitative inquiries [»] may also require this type of data collection.

In qualitative research the collection is based on guides and is loosely designed. Results are collected and documented in the form of audio recordings or written logs.

Quantitative interviews can also be implemented using computer assistance by the interviewer (CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interview). Emergent Actio has advanced survey systems available for this; these allow a computer-assisted data collection using mobile end devices, such as Smartphones and Tablet PCs.

The data collected can be viewed in real time during the survey. Staff-intensive work stages such as entry of paper questionnaires into the computer, are not applicable.

The application options of this time and cost-effective technology are diverse. The system is suitable for visitor surveys at trade fairs and conventions, customer surveys or advertising impact research.

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