Customer satisfaction surveys

The satisfaction of customers is an important success factor for every company. It is essential for customer retention and loyalty, leads to recommendations and allows optimisation of communication and product policy.

Customer satisfaction analyses are used to examine the satisfaction of customers with the offers and services of a company. They allow market expectations and requirements to be identified, understood and thus opportunities or problems to be identified early.

Customer satisfaction is thus measured by comparing the customer expectation with the subjectively perceived level of compliance of these expectations.  It is possible to differentiate between three levels of customer requirement

  • Basic requirements (must factor)
  • Performance requirements (target factor)
  • Enthusiasm requirements (plus factor)

The measurement of satisfaction is via customer surveys. These can be carried out once or regularly as a panel.

Emergent Actio offers a wide range of collection methods [»] and extensive experience in the analysis and interpretation of data [»].

We will be happy to inform you how successfully and efficiently customer surveys can be carried out.