Employee surveys

Employees are especially important for lasting competiveness of companies and institutions. In times of fast changing market conditions and increasing requirements in quality, flexibility and innovation of staff, it is increasingly more important to place employees in the centre of management interests.

Employee surveys are an important instrument in organisational management, organisational diagnostics and organisational development. They help to guarantee the communication and integration of individual employees and thus optimise the success of the company or institution.

The goals can be very different and heavily depend on the situation of each company. Generally it is possible to differentiate between “hard” and “soft” factors: Hard factors are defined as aspects which support the achieving the corporate goals, e.g. the optimising process or organisation. Soft factors are the questions of work climate, the employee satisfaction or the analysis and prevention of psychosocial risks.

Emergent Actio works closely with all stakeholders involved and guarantees anonymity. Besides companies or institutions, employees are also involved, and where necessary also their organisations, personal agencies and external experts. We will be happy to explain to you in detail how an employee survey can be conducted and which success factors are essential.