Market and competition analyses

Detailed information about markets, customers, competitors and products are not only a key foundation for marketing decisions, but also the decisive success factor.

Market research provides the basis of this using market and competition analyses.

During market analysis individual market players are the key focus. The need for products and services offered is therefore researched. Trends and possible reasons against acquisition are analysed.  As a result, key figures, such as market potential, but also knowledge that is essential for tuning the Marketing Mix, are obtained.

The supplier considers the competition analysis directed for the same market purpose. References to their strategies, strengths and weaknesses are compiled with different empirical methods.

Strategically relevant information is collected and interpreted both for market and competition analysis. Studies are adapted to each application methodically and as regards scope of content.

Emergent Actio collects their own information or researches and interprets existing data depending on the requirements.

Emergent Actio has an extensive range of methods available for data collection. This ranges from conventional paper/pencil inquiries [»] to the implementation of internet-based inquiries [»] or computer-assisted personal interviews [»]. We will be happy to discuss which method is best suited for your research approach.

During evaluation [»] Emergent Actio works at a high scientific level. In addition to simple, descriptive processes data is analysed using bi- and multivariate methods. This enables a greater knowledge to be gained from existing data material.