Commercialization of research results

New knowledge is constantly being obtained at universities and research facilities around the world, but only a small part of it actually finds its way to application in a new product or process. Even if research results would be suitable for this purpose.

Precise market knowledge and an understanding of the mechanisms that have an effect on the introduction of innovations could lead to a clearly higher success rate.

Within the scope of several federal research projects supported by the Federal Research Ministry, Emergent Actio developed a special set of tools to provide support for commercialization of research results, whether in companies, spin-offs or learning and research facilities.

This includes, among other

  • Identification and characterization of suitable markets
  • Determining success factors and obstacles to demand
  • Working out a value proposition and testing it on the market
  • Comparison of different markets and their potential

Early knowledge of the market can also be introduced in an on-going research process. This enables to consider the demands early on.

As a result, you will receive an assessment of market opportunities, a list of criteria that need to be fulfilled for successful market introduction as well as suggestions for strategic action and market planning.

For more details see also New Product Development and Innovation Market Research sections.